Top Truck '01

The rear leaf springs were stretched to 63" and are a custom ORD pack. We moved the rear axle back 3" to increase departure angle and lengthen the wheelbase a little. The 2.5" King shocks were mounted to the ubolt plates and run through the floor to custom upper mounts. We haven't measured the rear wheel travel but it's pretty safe to say we got our 15" of vertical. Traction bars were added to keep the pinion in line since we now had the power and traction to really rip stuff up. The bars work well for keeping the driveshaft alive and don't compromise clearance by a lot but we are looking into ways to streamline the mounts.

Here's the rear shackle, it was custom built longer and wider than stock to have a good arc of motion and still be stable. Our old shackle fllip bracket is still mounted backwards on the frame from the previous suspension buildup.

The truck ramp tested about 860 on a 30 degree test ramp at the event so we know the suspension will move!

The truck already had good bumpers and a nice cage, so the interior was classed up with some racing buckets and some additional cage bracing and that's about it. We did have to build a good sized tunnel in the floor to accommodate the transfer cases and the shifters were custom built to fit in with the cage. The door panels were also swapped out to match the overall tan and green color scheme. This shows the custom glovebox we built to have lockable storage. It also houses the computer, fuses, and relays for the EFI system to make them totally weatherproof. The snorkel is pretty obvious too.

Below is the rear of the truck, shows the rear shock mounting hoops and rear cage.

And here's the driver's side interior.

We stopped by Moab on the way back from TTC and took some pics to show the overall clearance under the truck.

Here's the TTC lineup at the acceleration event: Never thought my K5 on 42's would seems so short.

Final Placing:
1st: Brian Waddell ('72 Suburban)
2nd: Stephen Watson ('82 K5)
3rd: Ferris McCullom ('30 Ford)

Event placing: (at least what we know at this point, June '01)
Engineering: ORD 82K5
Acceleration: ORD 82K5 or '72 'Burb (both were pretty quick)
Braking: Don't know
Tow Test: White F150 and the Burb were pretty close, along with the Moeser Dozer (C30)
Mud Pit: the Burb had the only full run
Frame Twister: The hybrid S10 made a record setting run for the win
Mini-Rubicon: ORD 82K5 set a new record, zero points, about 3 1/2 minutes!
Hill climb: ORD 82K5
Obstacle course: ORD 82K5
Tank Trap: Hybrid S10 sets another record