Full Floating 14 Bolt Axle Parts

The parts on this page are for the full-floating (10.5") 14 bolt axle commonly found in 3/4 and 1 ton Chevy trucks.  We do have gears, lockers, etc for the semi-floating (9.5") 14 bolt, call 970-945-7777 for parts.


The Yukon Grizzly Locker is the ultimate in mechanical locking differentials for street, off-road, and drag racing. Grizzly Lockers provide 100% power to both tires, while still allowing for disengagement while negotiating turns.

Yukon Grizzly locker, Yukon's version of a Detroit style locker.  8620 chromoly steel construction, updated design to fix potential failure points. 
Fits in stock open carrier only
, does not fit in factory "Gov Lock" limited slip

$475 Buy Now
The Detroit locker provides maximum traction for off-road or racing use. The heavy-duty case and internals provide a dramatic increase in strength while giving 100% torque to both tires. The mechanically-operated unit works by locking while under power and unlocking when you let off the gas, allowing you to turn. Unit comes standard with a one year warranty against workmanship defects.

Detroit locker, fits in stock open carrier only, does not fit in factory "Gov Lock" limited slip

$525 Buy Now

10.5" 14 bolt ARB Air Locker, 4.10 and down (most 4.56 and deeper gears are "thick" cut and will fit this locker)

Selectable, switches from an open diff to a spool at the flick of a switch

   **Comes with free HD line kit **

$1075 Buy Now

  Click here for ARB compressors, air-up kits, accessories, etc!


  Part Number Description Price  
GU6209 Wheel bearing kit, includes both races (Timken), both bearings (Timken) and an OE type hub seal for one side  $49/side Buy Now
GU6210 14 Bolt wheel bearing kit with our upgraded seals for one side $73/side Buy Now

Rear 10-1/2" full floating 14 bolt differential re-bearing kit, Timken brand bearings

Fits '73-'83 and '86-87 axles

Does not fit '84-85 axles with DC57524 3rd pinion bearing
(CUCV's seem to be an exception and have the traditional bearing from what we've seen, even though many were '84-85 model trucks)

Includes all three pinion bearings (with races) and both carrier bearings (with races)

Cost effective option over a complete master overhaul kit if you aren't re-gearing the axle and don't need new shims

For a complete install, you'll want new gaskets and our yoke install kit

$165 Buy Now
  Part Number Description Price  
GU6210 Upgraded 14 bolt hub seals.

If you have constantly leaking hub seals or a pitted/damaged seal surface, these hub seals are your answer.  This is a two part seal: the inner "ring" slides over the seal surface on the spindle and seals it, no moving parts against the spindle.  The seal surface is integrated as part of the seal, so it doesn't matter what shape your spindle is in.  What it all comes down to is these seals WORK, and they seal MUCH better than the factory seal did!

$29/ea Buy Now
GU62003 14 Bolt crush sleeve eliminator kit $59 Buy Now
GU6124 14 Bolt spindle nut kit, per side $35/side Buy Now
GU6206 14 Bolt strap and bolt kit $25 Buy Now
G014 Rubber coated steel core gaskets with an elastomer bead to insure a leak free seal

No silicone required

Premium, reusable diff cover gasket.  Extra helpful if you have to change fluid often for contamination

$25 Buy Now

10.5" 14 Bolt Axle Shaft Gasket

We have many options on ring and pinion sets from 3.42 to 5.38, we also have master install kits! 
Call 970-945-7777

  U-Joint Size Application Notes Origin Construction Price  
1350 10-1/2" GM Full Float 14 Bolt U-bolts, hardware included Import Cast $65 Buy Now
1350 10-1/2" GM Full Float 14 Bolt U-bolts, hardware included USA Forged $104 Buy Now
1410 10-1/2" GM Full Float 14 Bolt U-bolts, hardware included USA Forged $104 Buy Now
- '98 and older 10-1/2" GM Full Float 14 Bolt 14 Bolt yoke install kit for '98 and older 10.5" 14 bolt, new pinion nut/washer, seal and crush sleeve. - - $18 Buy Now

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