4" Lift System



ORD has assembled a line of complete lift systems for the ’73-’87 ('91) GM straight axle trucks using ORD designed parts like our Swaybar Correction/Disconnect system, Shackle Flip kit, and greasable HD shackles along with Tuff Country springs for a truly complete suspension system. 

The often missed details like brakelines and steering correction are even part of the kit, literally everything you need except for installation elves is included.

Extensive testing of the 4-inch system on ORD project vehicles gives you great ride quality and handling on road along with good articulation and durability off road.  33” tires fit without modifying fenders, 35’s and 37's will fit with some trimming and (a 1” body lift can help too).  Several spring and shock combinations are available to fit the range of GM’s from trucks to K5’s and Suburbans.

Lift systems for '67-72 Chevy's are very similar in concept and price, call 970-945-7777 for details

We often get asked about prices for our lift "kits" and the short answer is that we don't keep any kits boxed up on the shelf.  That's because we build a suspension system for your truck that only includes the parts that you need, we don't make you buy any extra stuff that you don't want from a "kit".  Our suspension systems are unlike any other you'll find, we have our shackle flip instead of tall lift blocks, we have steering for all of the trucks (including the 1 tons) and we have exclusive extras like greasable bolts and sway bar disconnects.

Everything is priced individually, we do have shipping discounts for complete lift kit orders!

This is one of our employee's truck with a 4" Tuff Country suspension setup

Everything that's in blue is a link that you can click to see more information on that part!

Choose a set of front springs.  The Tuff Country EZ rides are the softest off-the-shelf spring available, because of their low spring rate we don't recommend them for heavier trucks.  For trucks with a heavy bumper/winch, heavy motor (big block, diesel), crew cab, etc the Tuff Country HD's are a better fit.  Tuff Country springs are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.

Front lift springs Part Number Price
4” EZ-Ride Front Tuff Country Springs #TCI-18470 $357/pair
4" HD Front Tuff Country Springs #TCI-18471 $403/pair
ORD Custom Springs   Call

Because the front springs are being replaced the front u-bolts will need to be replaced.  Choose the u-bolt kit that matches your axle:

Front U-Bolts

Part Number Price
1/2 Ton and 3/4 Ton Front U-Bolt Kit  #GU37103 $45
1 Ton (GM Dana 60 Front Axle) U-Bolt Kit  #GU37051 $48

The lift in the rear is accomplished by a shackle flip or a pair of new springs.  The shackle flip is a popular option because it's relatively inexpensive and allows you to keep your factory load capacity without a block:

Rear Lift Part Number Price
For 1 Ton Pickups, 4" Shackle Flip, '73-'87 ('91) GM #GU38011 $189
For 1/2 and 3/4 Ton Pickups, Blazers and Suburbans, 4" Shackle Flip, '73-87 ('91) GM #GU38010 $189
For Truck With 52" Rear Springs,
4" Rear Tuff Country Springs
#19470 $530/pair
For Trucks With 56" Rear Springs,
4" Rear Tuff Country Springs
#19471 $624/pair
ORD Custom Springs   Call

If you're using a shackle flip in the rear, you don't need to replace your rear u-bolts unless they're in bad shape.  If you're using new springs, you'll need to choose one of the u-bolt kits below:

Rear U-Bolts Part Number Price
1/2 Ton Rear U-Bolt Kit #GU38106 $45
3/4 and 1 Ton Rear U-Bolt Kit  #GU38152 $45

Basic steering correction, crossover steering is available as well:

Steering correction Part Number Price
Drop Pitman Arm #SKY-CA50 $115

You'll need longer brake lines and our braided stainless steel lines are a perfect fit!  Our kit covers the whole vehicle, both front lines and the one rear line:

Extended Brakelines Part Number Price
79-98 and D60, 10mm Braided Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit  #GU30011 $112
73-78, 7/16" Braided Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit #GU30071 $112

Choose a set of shocks, there is more extensive info on our shocks if you click here.  The SX8000's bolt right in to the factory mounts, the Bilsteins require our extended front shock mount kit for anything beyond street use:

Shocks Part Number Price
Tuff Country SX8000  Front TCI-61231, Rear TCI-61301 $192/all four
Bilstein 5125's - $380/all four
Extended Front Shock Mount Kit - $58


The parts up to this point are everything you need to install a complete, high quality suspension system under your truck.  Everything below are the extras that are popular with our lift systems:

Our HD front shackles are a popular option and in conjunction with the main eye kit make your whole front suspension greasable:

HD Front Shackles With Greasable Bushings and Bolts #GU37011 $99
Greasable Main Eye Kit For the Front of the Front Springs #GU37012 $27

Greasable bushings/sleeves/bolts for the entire rear suspension.  Choose the one that fits your truck, more info on applications by clicking here:

Greasable Rear Spring Bushing Kit 1 ½” Spring Eyes and 1 ½” Shackles #GU38002 $90
Greasable Rear Spring Bushing kit 1 ½” Spring Eyes and 1 3/8” Shackles #GU38003 $90
Greasable Rear Spring Bushing Kit 1 ¾” and 1 ½”  Spring Eyes and 1 ½” Shackles #GU38002-A $90
Greasable Rear Spring Bushing Kit 1 ¾” and 1 ½”  Spring Eyes and 1 3/8” Shackles  #GU38003-A $90

HD rear shackles, the bushings are 1 1/2" and are included in the greasable rear suspension kits above:

4.5" Rear Super Shackles #GU38015 $100

Our sway bar correction and disconnect kit does just that: corrects the sway bar link for the lift and allows you to disconnect the sway bar for offroad travel.  We also carry bushings for the sway bar because they're rarely in good shape:

Sway Bar Bushings, 73-80 #BG05024 $29
Sway Bar Bushings, '81-'87 ('91) #BG05003 $19
Swaybar Correction and Disconnect Kit #GU37001 $99

It's not a matter of "if" but when your frame will crack out at the steering box location, this kit is your best bet for preventing that if it hasn't already happened.  It's even common to see cracked frames on 2WD trucks, years of use really add up in the area of the frame that sees the hardest use:

Bolt-In Steering Box Brace, '73-'80 GM #GU39001-E $130
Bolt-In Steering Box Brace, '81-'87 ('91) GM #GU39001-L $130

And remember, if you're on a budget or already have some of the parts and pieces, we're happy to customize the system for your particular needs.  Call 970-945-7777 now for full details and low prices.

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