Complete NP203 and NP205 Transfer Case

All NP203's and NP205's are completely rebuilt with new wear parts (bearings, seals, etc.) and inspected gears and shafts.  We don't simply put new bearings and seals in a junkyard housing, we make sure only premium parts make it into our rebuilt cases: it typically takes us several core transfer cases to put together one really good one.
Shipping transfer cases requires a $20.00 packaging fee per case plus the UPS shipping charges.  There is no core charge with our rebuilt T-cases.   If you are in the area we will gladly take your cores but it's generally not worth shipping the cases around the country.  Shipping is typically $100-150 (plus the $20 packaging fee) in the lower 48 states.

NP205 transfer cases:

These are complete rebuilt transfer cases.  Yokes are not included since most customers have individual requirements.  A wide range of yokes are available in new and used condition.  The rebuilt Ford and Dodge NP205's come with 32 spline front outputs (which is their factory front output), the GM 205's come with either 10 or 30 spline front outputs as they did from the factory, we can build the GM 205's with a 32 spline front output for $75 more.

Complete GM TH400 version NP205 - $1050
Complete GM TH350 version NP205 - $950
Complete GM SM465 version NP205 - $950
Complete GM round pattern NP205 ('85-'91 1 ton) - $1250-1300 depending on input gear needed

Complete married Ford version NP205 - $950
Complete divorced Ford version NP205 - $1300

Complete Dodge 23 spline NP205 - $1200
Complete Dodge 29 spline NP205 - $1200
Complete Dodge divorced version NP205 - $1300


NP203 gearboxes:

Rebuilt 203 gear reduction boxes, this is just the gear reduction housing for a doubler and not a complete NP203. Price includes installation of the Doubler Kit so when you get the box it's ready to bolt into the truck. (note: this does not include the Doubler Kit, just the 203 gear reduction and installation labor)

GM TH350 or Dodge NP203 gearbox - $390.00
GM TH400 version gearbox - $440.00
Ford NP203 gearbox - Call for availability
Redrill NP203 gearbox to GM or Jeep/Ford/Dodge round bolt pattern - $75.00

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