'73-'87 ('91) Chevy Fullsize HD Front Upper Shackle Hanger (FUSH)

The stock upper shackle hanger takes a 1 1/8" bushing which just isn't up to heavy offroad use. Our fix is simple, we build a new bracket to take a bigger bushing. This replacement hanger bolts into the factory bolt holes and uses a 1-1/2" bushing with a 1/2" shoulder along with a heavy wall inner sleeve and a 9/16" bolt. This should be the end of upper shackle bushing durability problems.

Here's a comparison shot of the stock hanger next to our new HD hanger and an installed pic with our HD front shackles:

FUSH Instructions

This is the answer to big trucks with leaf springs and hard offroad use. The bushing size difference is pretty obvious and so is the durability difference. Our FUSH is also popular for guys converting to longer springs and especially when using longer shackles with increased leverage over the bushings.

The FUSH kit is available with greasable or non-greasable bushing assemblies and comes with premium Grade 8 bolts with hard washers and locking nuts. Installation requires removing the factory rivets, drilling the holes to a slightly larger size (7/16" drill required) and enlarging the central hole in the frame slightly.

  Part Number Application Greasable bushings/bolts? Description Price  
GU37020-G '73-'87 ('91) GM Fullsize trucks Greasable

Pair of ORD replacement upper shackle hanger brackets

Mounting hardware included

Bare steel

$159/set Buy Now
GU37020-N '73-'87 ('91) GM Fullsize trucks Non-greasable

Pair of ORD replacement upper shackle hanger brackets

Mounting hardware included

Bare steel

$149/set Buy Now


We also have a version of our HD greasable shackles that matches our FUSH, basically we subtract the extra bushings that you wouldn't be able to use (because the FUSH already has those in it):  

  Part Number Application Springs Greasable bushings/bolts? Price  
GU37011-F '73-'87 ('91) GM Fullsize trucks Aftermarket Greasable $71.50 Buy Now
GU37011-F-Stock '73-'87 ('91) GM Fullsize trucks Stock (actual OE, not aftermarket stock height replacements) Greasable $71.50 Buy Now

Broken stock shackle hanger

We have had customers adapt our shackle hanger on to the '67-'72 trucks, it isn't a bolt on.  You can see a picture of an '67-'72 OE shackle hanger below and see how they are different.