Front Coilover Conversion System for '67-87 ('91) GM Trucks

When you’re ready to move beyond leaf springs, this is the way.  Our link and coilover system lets you enjoy big articulation, 14” of vertical wheel travel AND excellent steering precision and axle wrap control.  We have worked with every type of front suspension and this coilover conversion is the only one that does it all:

Outstanding ride quality over any terrain from gravel roads to rocks, sand, and whoops
Great articulation
Precise steering response under all conditions
No bumpsteer
Total axlewrap control
No approach angle limits
Excellent damping from the King 2.5" reservoir shocks
Easily adjustable spring rates and ride height
Lift heights available from near stock height up to 12"
With the addition of an optional sway bar, our coilover conversion also provides excellent street manners.  The best of both worlds!


*This is the D44/10bolt system on a custom trussed D44*

This is our new high clearance version of our coilover brackets, if ground clearance is a concern we use these on trucks up to 6" of lift.  For taller lifts, we use the original coilover brackets.  This customer had already made his own shock hoops, the ones that come with the kit are at the bottom of this page.

The brackets "jig" themselves onto the axle, there is no work in fitting the brackets to the frame.  Just weld them up!

This customer welded the brackets to his frame, welding is not necessary and the brackets bolt into the holes for the body mount.

Our Coilover Conversion System completely eliminates your truck's front leaf springs and replaces them with a four link suspension sprung and damped by a pair of 2.5" King Coilover shocks.  This kit includes:

2.5" x 14" King remote reservoir coilover shocks with springs and hardware
Axle mount brackets
Frame brackets for link arms and panhard bar
Link arms with Johnny joints for both ends
Heim jointed panhard bar
Shock hoop/engine cage kit
All mounting hardware

Installation requires welding the mounting brackets to the axle and also to attach the panhard bracket to the frame.  Fabrication is required for the upper shock mount/engine cage system.

Here is a detailed parts breakdown, we do sell any of the parts individually as well:

Part Description Quantity in Kit Price Kit Total
2.5" King Coilover shocks, with springs 2 $640 $1280
Grade 8 Mounting Hardware and Coilover Joint Spacers 1 $30.90 $30.90
Reservoir mounts and hose clamps 4 $4 $16
Johnny Joints and Jam Nuts 8 $58 $464
Better Than Grade 8 Mounting Hardware 1 $40.40 $40.40
Tubing for links (2" x .250" wall DOM) and Threaded Inserts
Unwelded 30"
4 $69.25 $277
FK Heims and Spacers for Panhard Bar (3/4" x 3/4") 2 $57 $114
Tube for panhard bar (1.5" x .250" wall DOM) 1 $43.50 $43.50
Grade 8 Mounting Hardware 1 $19.64 $19.64
Axle Mount Brackets: bumpstop pad, coilover, limit strap, panhard, and link mounts 1 $375 $375
Grade 8 Mounting Hardware 2 $1.46 $2.92
Frame Brackets for Links 1 $275 $275
Grade 8 Mounting Hardware 1 $21.36 $21.36
Frame Bracket for Panhard Bar 1 $142 $142
Coilover Shock Hoops and Engine Cage Kit Including Tubing Clamps 1 $190 $190
Limit Straps 2 $25 $50
Grade 8 Mounting Hardware 1 $8.88 $8.88
Total:     $3350


Things that you need but may already have:

Crossover Steering (with ORD high clearance pitman arm) $440
HD High Clearance Engine Crossmember $189
4.5" Competition Style Bumpstops (hydraulic bumpstop packages available) $60
Extended Stainless Steel Brakelines $112

*Our kit also works great with full hydraulic steering as well*

Our brackets ship pre-welded like these GM Dana 60 ones (panhard, limit strap, coilover and link mounts are built in):

One panhard bar bracket and two frame brackets are included:



These are our D44 and GM 10 bolt axle brackets:


These are the shock hoops, they are pre-bent and left long to accommodate different ride heights and different arrangements to fit your individual truck.


Here is the steering shaft that is often necessary, this is due to clearance between the steering shaft and the coilover.  This is needed if the shocks need to be tipped in for tire clearance which is dependant on tire size and wheel backspacing.  It's a $350 option and the upside is that you also get a u-jointed steering shaft instead of the stock rag joint setup.


This is the engine cage, tubing is included in the kit and it's left up to you to run it between the shocks hoops.  We did this so that you can put the cross piece in where it clears your intake system etc. and so that it also ties the hoops together based on your ride height.


This is one of the tube clamps, this allows you to remove the engine cage without cutting/welding in case the motor needs to be removed.



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