NP203 Twin Stick Shifters

That's right, we can twin stick the 203!  You get rid of the trouble prone and typically worn out factory shifter box and replace it with 2 levers for much more positive gear selection.  One lever will shift the case through Hi-N-Lo and the other will control lock or unlock in the differential, or on cases converted to part time, the other lever will control 2WD-4WD.  This shifter can also be converted to a Doubler shifter with a simple linkage change. 

Available for GM, Ford and Dodge.

- All our transfer case shifters are complete kits with ALL the linkage necessary and all include the appropriate floor boots and steel hold down rings to seal the floorboard.  Black knobs are included as well.

- Many of our shifters are built to hit the factory hole in the floor to help minimize your installation hassles.

- All our shifters are built with smooth shifting in mind so we've paid a lot of attention to making sure the minute details of the shifting action are just right to avoid any bindup.  Our linear shifting motion will give you the ultimate in smooth shifting.

- All ORD shifters are built using bushings in the handle pivots and spherical rod ends (heims) where possible to prevent rattles. Our trucks get loud enough without a rattling transfer case shifter!

Here is a photo of the GM203 twin, it comes complete with boots, hold down rings and knobs:

  Make Transmission Price  
NP203 Twin Stick Shifter GM TH350 $185 Buy Now
NP203 Twin Stick Shifter GM TH400 $185 Buy Now
NP203 Twin Stick Shifter GM SM465 $185 Buy Now
NP203 Twin Stick Shifter Dodge 727 $185 Buy Now
NP203 Twin Stick Shifter Dodge NP435 $185 Buy Now
NP203 Twin Stick Shifter Ford All $185 Buy Now

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