Rear Coilover Conversion System for '67-87 ('91) GM Trucks

When you’re ready to move beyond leaf springs, this is the way.  Our link and coilover system lets you enjoy big articulation, 16” of vertical wheel travel AND excellent steering precision and axle wrap control.  We have worked with every type of front suspension and this coilover conversion is the only one that does it all:

Outstanding ride quality over any terrain from gravel roads to rocks, sand, and whoops
Great articulation
Total axlewrap control, nothing puts power to the ground like a well designed link suspension
No departure angle limits
Excellent damping from King 2.5" reservoir shocks
Easily adjustable spring rates and ride height

Our default kit is based around a 2-1/2" King remote reservoir coilover shock but we do have many options beyond that!
We can do bigger shocks, internal and external bypasses, bumpstops, the sky is the limit! See our shock package options by clicking here.

Coilover aren't just for hardcore offroad rigs, everybody wants their truck to ride nice and with no axle wrap, it's the ultimate setup for any truck!

One of our employees 12V Cummins swapped K30 with our front and rear coilover conversions. It sees general pickup use as a daily driver and camping rig, and with air bags in the bag it tows great too!
He was even able to keep the shocks under the bed.


The complete system; 2-1/2" King coilovers, links, joints, brackets, truss, the complete rear 4 link/coilover system, is $3690. 
Parts/pieces are available separately, give us a call.



Our lower links use monster, US made FK 1-1/4" rod ends for maximum durability!




Additionally we can use Summit Machine Flex Joints in the rear 4 link! These are a little cheaper plus they're rebuildable.

See it in action under our 2015 Ultimate Adventure "Convertible K30"







We have an option for solid 7075 aluminum links engraved with our logo for the ultimate in strength!




We also have an alternate bracket set for taller trucks, we make a front coilover system to match.


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