Triple Stick Shifters

This 3-stick shifter allows full control of the 203 gearbox and both outputs on the NP205 and was designed for smooth reliable shifting and best shifter "feel".

- All our transfer case shifters are complete kits with ALL the linkage necessary and all include the appropriate floor boots and steel hold down rings to seal the floorboard.  Black knobs are included as well.

- Many of our shifters are built to hit the factory hole in the floor to help minimize your installation hassles.

- All our shifters are built with smooth shifting in mind so we've paid a lot of attention to making sure the minute details of the shifting action are just right to avoid any bindup.  Our linear shifting motion will give you the ultimate in smooth shifting.

- All ORD shifters are built using bushings in the handle pivots and spherical rod ends (heims) where possible to prevent rattles. Our trucks get loud enough without a rattling transfer case shifter!

Triple stick shifters available for just about any underdrive combination you can think of, our Magnum underdrive, our 203/205 doubler, even other guys' stuff!

$314 for our complete triple stick system alone

We do offer our triple stick at a discounted price of $289 if purchased with one of our doubler or Magnum underdrive kits      


Our triple stick shifters include a shift pattern decal, the underdrive is very straight forward (HI-N-LO) and the 205 pattern is shown below and also explained here.

We now have brand new modified NP205 shift rails!

Our brand new shift rails are a direct replacement for the factory NP205 rails and when used with a twin stick shifter, allow you to engage front wheel drive, high or low range, with the rear in neutral!

Our shift rails are built in house from heat treated chromoly steel.  Why the extra effort for high end material?  The same reason that it's dangerous to grind them yourself.  It's common to see deep grooves worn in the stock rails and that wear (or grinding stock ones yourself and going just a little too far) can partially allow a shift collar to engage when it shouldn't and strip the teeth from the collar/gear.

**Modified rails do not work correctly with a single stick shifter**

New Modified GM/Dodge NP205 Shift Rails, Includes New Shift Rail Seals $130/pair Instructions Buy Now
New Modified Ford NP205 Shift Rails, Includes New Shift Rail Seals $130/pair Instructions Buy Now

**We do offer our modified shift rails for a discounted price
of $110 if you purchase one of our shifters, it won't show up that way in the cart but we will adjust your total**

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