Power Tank CO2 System

The Power Tank CO2 system uses compressed CO2 as a source of onboard air.  Pressurized CO2 can be used just like compressed air to fill tires, operate power tools, ARB lockers, etc on the trail or anywhere else.  We like to use ours on wrecking yard and other vehicle recovery trips so that we can run power tools where we normally could not.

Since compressed CO2 is stored as a liquid, a relatively small tank can store a large amount of high pressure gas.  For example a PT-10 CO2 tank will air up 40 33x12.50 tires from 10-25 psi!  The Power Tank can be filled at any welding or fire extinguisher supply shop.

The Power Tank is a high pressure, DOT rated, (3000psi) rated 6061 aluminum tank.  Since liquid CO2 is normally at 1000psi or less there is no danger of rupture.  The regulator is a high quality 2 stage regulator that allows you to monitor the pressure in the tank and the outlet pressure to your air hose. The Power Tank is available in 3 sizes, 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb. We use the 10 lb.  Friends with 44's tend to like the 15 lb tanks. All tanks come with the hose, handle and regulator.

5 Lb. (Small) Power Tank $360
10 Lb. (Med) Power Tank $390
15 Lb. (Large) Power Tank $410

PB-5: Small mounting bracket $60
PB-10: Med and Large mounting bracket $80

Adjustable regulator Kit: you supply the tank $270

We can also supply the tanks and hoses alone on request.

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