No lift system is complete without a good set of shocks.  At Offroad Design we have decades of offroad experience, from logging roads to hardcore rock crawling, mud bogs, desert racing and everything in between.  Our extensive research and test time on our Ultra 4 race buggy has left us with more knowledge about shocks than we ever thought was out there!

Tuff Country SX8000

Tuff Country SX8000's are a twin tube, nitrogen charged shock.  Their nitrogen charge resists aeration better than a cellular shock and hence they stay effective longer.  Not the cheapest shock you can buy but we wouldn't put anything less on a fullsize truck!  For fullsize Chevy applications they are $192 for a set of four and come in a variety of lengths to match different lift heights.  Boots are not included but can be added, see the bottom of this page.

Click here for lengths and to order Tuff Country SX8000 shocks!

Bilstein 5125

Bilstein 5125's are a monotube, nitrogen charged design.  The monotube design means a bigger working piston and a larger working tube area which means better cooling and better performance.  The 5125's are charged at a much higher pressure than twin tube shocks which better prevent aeration.  Additionally, these shocks are really where we can start applying shock valving that is really meant for our fullsize Chevy trucks rather than a more generic shock. 

$380 for a set of four (or $95 each).  For Chevy trucks with 4" of lift or less it's highly recommended to switch to longer front shock mounts to make sure that they don't bottom out.  The Bilsteins have a longer body due to their design and so they need more space between the shock mounts than twin tube shocks.

Guys always ask us if the Bilsteins are worth it, nobody ever regrets buying a good shock.

Click here for lengths and to order Bilstein 5125 shocks!

King Shocks

We are also a full King shocks dealer, give us a call if you're looking for the ultimate in shock performance!

Extended front shock mounts.  These need to be cut to length for your truck/shocks and holes need to be drilled through these mounts and your frame.  Installation is fairly easy and instructions are included and can also be seen by clicking here.
$58 - Buy Now

Shock boots for Tuff Country shocks, black
$7.50/pair - Buy Now


Shock adapter for rear of 88-98 Chevy truck to allow use of eyelet shock (like the Tuff Country or Bilstein shocks on this page)  $3/each  Buy Now

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