Swaybar Correction/Disconnect Kit™

Our premier product as seen in Offroad, Petersen’s, Fourwheeler, 4X4 Performance and 4X4 Power. Allows a 50% improvement in front articulation and a softer ride on and off road. Designed to be simple, durable and easy to use. Includes all parts ready to bolt on and even comes with a holdup bracket. The best suspension improvement value available for the ‘73-up straight axle GM’s.

The swaybar correction/disconnect kit corrects by raising the back of the swaybar two inches to help compensate for a lift and also by adding a pivot point to keep your swaybar from binding up the front suspension.

The disconnect feature allows you to, well, disconnect the swaybar for a softer off-road ride and about a 50% improvement in front articulation. The kit is also includes a holdup bracket to hold the swaybar out of the way when it’s disconnected. The gain for your dollar with this kit is the best of any suspension product.

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Part Number

'73-'87 K10 and K20 Pickups

'76-'91 K30

'73-'91 K5 and Suburban

GM Sway bar correction and disconnect kit

Mounting hardware and hold-up bracket included

Bare steel

Requires at least 2" of suspension lift


You may also want to check the condition of your swaybar mounting bushings:

Part No.





’73 to ’80 GM Fullsize Trucks

Sway bar mounting bushing set

Fits most common
1-1/4" sway bar


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'81-'87 K10 and K20 Pickups

'81-'91 K30

'81-'91 K5 and Suburban

Sway bar mounting bushing set

Fits most common
1-1/4" sway bar


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Tech Notes:

  • The disconnect kit is a 100% bolt on.  No pressing in bushings or even drilling required. An assortment of wrenches or sockets up to 1 1/8" will be necessary.

  • Many aftermarket leaf springs are built with the dimensions a little different from factory for various reasons.  This is usually not a problem until you try to use factory parts like the swaybar that require the exact factory geometry to function properly.  Most lift springs in the four inch and up range are a little longer that stock which causes the swaybar to try (it’s a solid bar) to stretch and compress.  This translates into extra wear on the bushings, loosening of the U-bolts, and in extreme cases, the metal swaybar bushing brackets can be bent.  Our kit’s swinging link design takes all the bind out of the system giving you a softer ride and eliminates bushing damage.

  • One common question is why are they only two inches tall?  The answer is, the frame rail on the GM trucks is right over the left side swaybar end.  If the link was any taller, it could hit the frame rail and cause some serious damage.

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